Art and design by Nenad Opačić, 2013



 How do you meld art with product design? How do artists make creative use of space and volume? The answer is provided by Croatian artist and sculptor Nenad Opačić and his "ELEPHANT" table. The result is unlike anything one would expect to see in any "normal" case, his imagination is to be seen at the forefront. Artists are not bound by accepted curves or shapes nor are they overly concerned with weight. The "heavy metal" feel offered by the thick steel plates, heavyweight glass, over-strength tubing and a scarred surface texture in dark and rich colours makes the ELEPHANT the archetypical example of the genre.








ART Elephant Detail4








Table top

float glass 2060 x 1060 x 15 mm


steel construction 750 mm high, weight 160 Kg
Paintings on steel by Nenad Opačić